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ABANEA is a festival promoted by its 4 directors

through joint management from the IS MO Cultura association,

with the support of its sponsors, collaborators and team involved.

ABANEA is a new generation festival that was born in 2022,

endorsed by the individual trajectory of the members of his entire team.

ABANEA consciously and voluntarily thinks of itself as an itinerant dance and movement festival.

It is not designed for a specific location,

It is a festival that offers dance in small and medium-sized towns, a meeting place for the movement with the population.

ABANEA is a festival associated with the national network Acieloabierto.

 According to The best of cultura 2022 Report of the Contemporary Foundation Observatory of Culture, 

ABANEA is one of the most outstanding cultural innovations.

In 2023, it received the mention of provincial reference from the Rodolfo Prada Cultural Management Awards

of the Deputación de Ourense and AGPXC.

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