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IS·MO cultura

is a non-profit association that carries out projects related to dance, movement and scenic arts in Galicia in all its aspects.



Bring dance closer to citizens and generate synergies between professionals in the movement arts.


To be a regional and national reference in the management of dance projects.



·Offering citizens a space for meeting, recreation, training and enjoyment of culture, through dance productions.

· Contribute to the consolidation and enhancement of cultural diversity through knowledge and understanding of the roots, history and creation of dance.

·Promote projects of innovation, internationalization, training, creation and national orientation in the area of ​​dance with special interest in the creators of Galicia.

·Generate educational instances for dance students: open practices and didactics of dance in schools.

·Encourage dialogue between artists and the public.

·Properly serve all project participants in order to achieve the professional excellence of a cultural entity.

· Promote citizen coexistence and respect.



Direction & Artístic Curatorship

Marta Alonso Tejada and Paula Quintas 

GM Asesores, Javier Octavio de Toledo

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